Looking on the Bright Side Increases your Lottery Odds

by Content Editor, Christina / November 15, 2016
Mr and Mrs Kibler UK Lotto winners

The key to hopefully win the lottery is to think positively. You have the power to change what you think about and what makes you feel happy or worried. Look on the bright side, life is beautiful every single day.  

By feeling optimistic you give out a feel-good vibe among others, be it co-workers, friends or family. Lotto can be played in a group of syndicates, so make it a social occasion not to miss when the raffle draw is held. The support you give each other will keep you interested in playing more lotteries.

The possibility of a lotto win is a probable cause to change your life around as well as the others around you. The unpredictable result is the excitement that the raffle brings - a game of chance and fortune to make you feel good. So how can good thinking increase your odds of a lotto reward?

A positive mental attitude will help attract the result you want. This is exactly what happened to Mr and Mrs Kibler from Birmingham, winning a whopping £2.1 million in the UK Lotto, 2012. The ‘Power of Positive thinking’ was their lottery winner strategy that gave them the enthusiasm to continue playing the lottery. Mrs. Kibler explained  “I always remember a lady saying to me, ‘Think lucky and you will be lucky’.”

Set your Goals and dreams3Take note of your dreams and goals

So here are some ideas of positive thoughts while on the way to buy your golden tickets:

You are amazingly lucky.

You strongly feel you can win the lottery.

It is your destiny to win a sum of money.

You merit to win Mega Millions, Powerball, Eurojackpot or Thunderball.


Set your Dreams and Goals

Why not take note of your dreams and goals by writing them in the present like you will be doing it. An example of a goal – ‘The view at my workplace Is an inspiration to paint again - the skies, the sea, boats, trees and historical architecture’ or ‘I will be donating $500 a month to charity.’ Every evening, dedicate five minutes to write down three positive things or events that took place that day. Even the smallest of details that made you happy count. The tender feelings you write about can be of an inspiration to be content. After a few days, you can look back and be thankful for the good meaningful thoughts.  By placing positive imagery, signs or notes on your fridge, smartphone, computer or wallet, reminds you of happy moments. Even perhaps a photo of a past lottery winner who won it big, sharing their happiness can bring a smile because a laugh is contagious. 

Fill your day with recreational activities like cleaning therapy - wash your car or spring clean the drawers. When you think too much, you start to worry so even a thirty minute walk every day will do the trick, helping you re-energise your thoughts. Having free time doing nothing can lead to boredom, so get to doing productive work.

There is a relationship between your way of thinking and your winning odds. In this case, the law of attraction also affects the way you play lotteries, according to research. You have the power to focus on what you want that brings out good or bad experiences. In fact, this kind of thinking strategy is used in preparation to motivate athletes for big competitions.   


Envision a lottery win

Imagine you win the lotteryVisualise yourself winning the lottery

All you need to do is visualise the process of playing the lottery in your head… What will you wear to encourage your luck? How about singing along to music in the car on your way to buy lotto tickets? As you book your lucky numbers, feel fortune come your way. As the draw is near and you wait for the results, create a vision of you winning and experience the same great mood you feel when you win. Think who would be your first contact to share the exciting news and you can imagine what you would do with your windfall… 

When you look on the bright side, your life changes in the way you think and feel. This attitude helps while you play those numerals in the hopes winning the lotto prize. So, keep calm and positive, things happen for a reason. 

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