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We have a wide selection of online lotteries that you can sign up for. Check out how it works, who offers the best bonuses for online lotto, what are the best online lotteries you can play on and start winning!

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Online lottery bonuses are the amount of money that an online lottery operator offers you on when you sign up to become a player.

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There’s a big, big world of national and international online lottery games out there. And it’s getting bigger every day.

In fact virtually every country in the world has some version of the lotto or lottery. It’s one of the most universal forms of revenue generation for governments around the globe and as the lottery has grown over the years it’s now developed into a format where literally billions of dollars are up for grabs in dozens of different ways.

National lotteries in the US, for example, like the Powerball and MegaMillions are handing out virtually unthinkable prizes almost weekly. Its last major draw saw a jackpot of $1.5 BILLION USD.

The National Lottery in the UK is - and lotteries in nations across Europe are – doing likewise. The EuroJackpot is one of the biggest on the planet.

Multinational lotteries, like the EuroMillions, are open to players in over a dozen countries including the UK, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain, France and Belgium. The EuroMillions even offers a periodic “Super Draw” with a jackpot starting at €100 million.

Even better these days, thanks to dramatic improvements in online security and the constant evolution of mobile phones, you can access these lotteries and buy online lottery tickets directly online without ever venturing to a kiosk or brick-and-mortar vendor.

Not only that but you can see the full scope of national and international lottery games and prizes entirely online – which lotto draws are coming up, how much the lotto prizes are, exactly how many types of games are available and exactly what your chances of winning are.

At CompareLotto.com, we do a lot of that legwork for you with complete listings of major online lottery sites including the Euro Lotto, the UK National lotto and much more.

We’ll show you exactly how you can purchase online lottery tickets, to get yourself in the mix for the largest lotto prizes available and even, in some cases, improve your odds of winning.

A New Day for Online Lottery 

In recent years the lottery industry has expanded tremendously and dozens of online lottery sites have emerged to let ambitious lottery players participate in the biggest lotto draws worldwide without having to leave home.

Online lottery sites are more and more commonplace and national lotteries have opened their virtual doors to players interested in purchasing lottery tickets directly.

The National Lottery in the UK, for example, has a dedicated lottery site now where you can find out about all of their games, from scratch cards and Instant Win games to the EuroMillions and Thunderball.

Purchase lottery tickets directly through the website, find the latest hot picks and, once the drawing is complete, check your online lottery tickets right online to see if you’ve become a millionaire.

Not just satisfied with knowing about one online lottery, though, we’ve scoured the web for all of the best online lotteries available and you can compare them right next to each other right here.

We’ve got a full overview of the main lottery sites in the world and how they work, general comparisons between online lottos and also some specific rankings on bonuses, new game variations, biggest winners, customer service to expect and more.

Online lotteries are constantly changing, developing and deploying new games, new products and new ways to access the lottery almost daily. The world of mobile online lotto was almost unthinkable just a few years ago but now makes up a gigantic portion of the lotto market and is growing every day.

If you’ve got a smartphone, you can get in the online lottery game as quickly as you like and from anywhere you choose  - on the train, at the store or watching your kids play football.

Keno, Powerball, MegaMillions, Thunderball, Mega Lotto, Match More … whatever your preferences there’s an online lotto game just for you, and we’ll help you find it. And maybe help make your dream of winning the lottery come true.

You can stay informed on the best lotto draws right here on CompareLotto.com and quickly find the online lottery site that matches your needs.

How to Find the Best Online Lottery Sites

Winning a life changing, gigantic mega-jackpot in a huge lotto draw is obviously at the top of every lottery player’s wish list.

The odds of doing that, as everyone knows, are slim. But that’s only the tip of the enormous online lottery iceberg.

Hot picks, instant wins, scratch cards, Monopoly, Keno, bonus draws, Lucky Stars, Millionaire Makers … there are dozens of quick, multi-payout games that you can play daily that dramatically increase your odds of becoming a lottery winner.

The prizes may be smaller but the feeling of winning is still pretty sensational.

Our online lottery pages here will guide you through some of your wide and varied options when it comes to online lotto and our editors have compiled detailed and helpful information on all of the largest online lottery sites.

You find the advice on the lowest-cost lottery tickets you can find, what sorts of bonuses and promotions lottery sites extend to their customers, what kind of welcome bonus new players are eligible for and more.

The sites listed here are the biggest, most trusted and most prestigious online lottery sites in the world with the backing of some of the biggest economic population bases including the EuroJackpot and the UK National Lottery.

Whatever your expectations or lottery preferences there’s an online lottery site out there for you. Once you find the one you like you also have the direct option, via our review, to register and buy lottery tickets online at the site immediately.

Winning “the” lottery is a long shot. Winning “a” lottery is a very reasonable proposition and we’ll do our best to find you your best opportunities to do so. Whatever the case there’s no denying playing the lottery can be a lot of fun. And even more so in today’s online lottery industry, with lottery tickets, varied games and the chance of financial freedom right at your fingertips.


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