Best US Online Lottery Sites


Lotteries have always been popular in the US for years and thanks to technology, the US lottery is online for you to bet your favourite numbers. It is no surprise since the allure of being an overnight millionaire is something that is very hard to resist. Billions of dollars are always in play every single day across numerous online lotteries. These are up for grabs to the thousands of daily participants who wish to turn their life around in a stroke of luck.

With its popularity, it is only natural for different online lotteries to pop up and gain more business. There are hundreds of online lotteries that it is hard to find one that is reliable.  Here, the choices are narrowed down to the best online lotteries where you can play.

Top US Lottery Online Sites

US Lottery Online

Play the US Lottery online with Lotto Agent

A tenured name in online lottery, Lotto Agent has been putting up stakes for players since 2012. They have stayed relevant in the business by maintaining a solid and reliable business strategy. They maintain a secure transacting system to make sure that players can confidently buy their lottery tickets. You also get a scanned copy of your lottery ticket from them.

They also welcome their new patrons with promos such as “Buy One Get One Ticket” offers. They also employ a variety of payment methods to accommodate more customers. If you face any problems with their service, you will be relieved to find out that their 24/7 customer support is as reliable as their services. These aspects solidify their place as the best US Lottery Online.


Play the US Lottery Online with The Lotter

The Lotter has been in the online gaming business since 2002. It has been one of the most consistent lottery ticket carrying companies due to their commitment of maintaining a stable and reliable transaction system. With more online lottery names popping up almost every month, The Lotter has focused on improving their apps and services to adapt with newer innovations in their industry.

As a result, they provide their players a satisfying app and a pleasurable experince for you to play the US lottery Online. They also offer a money back guarantee if you feel that their service is subpar and not your cup of tea. Overall, the years of experience they have accumulated have given them a lot of advantages over their competitors in terms of service quality.


Play the US Lottery Online with Win Trillions

Win Trillions has been a powerhouse in the lottery industry for quite some time now. Beginners, casual players even hardcore players can find US lottery Online that can suit their needs with the numerous game choices they offer. To show appreciation to their loyal patrons, they offer discount promos that will give their players more value out of their money.

They provide their patrons way of multiplying their chances of winning by having millionaire raffles and over hundreds of lottery opportunities each week. Your winnings will also not have any deductions like commissions. They get their part on lottery ticket fees alone so your winnings are all yours. Win Trillions will always be on top of the list of online lotteries.



Play the US Lottery Online with Lotto Kings

Formerly known as Conga Lotto, Lotto KIngs' reputation still remained as one of the premier online lottery in the country. They vastly improved their visual presentation and functionality during the name change. They have great user interface on both their desktop and mobile websites for you to play the US Lotteries online, promoting ease of use and functionality, wherever you are in the world. 

Lottery syndicates play the US Lottery Online

They have a variety of products that cover single lottery, syndicate, and even raffles. This is great news for both new and frequent players because they constantly offer promotions across all these platforms. They also have a great customer service facility staffed by personnel who are always ready to help. These features make them a constant in lists about top online lottery choices.


Play the US Lottery Online with Lotto Booker

Geared towards frequent lotto players, Lotto Booker offers great deals for their VIP loyalty members. They use solid platforms to make sure that can provide a great experience to their players consistently. Their features are also designed to benefit their player base.

They have single and group share tickets from different popular lotteries that increase their players’ chances of landing big winnings. They also provide great customer service available around the clock if you have any queries about their games and services. Lotto Booker is a solid choice for a home lotto carrier.


Play the US Lotteries with Play Huge Lotto

If you want a company that has been in the game for a long time, then look no further for Play Huge Lotto has been providing lotto services since 1998. Surprisingly, Play Huge Lotto put in a modern feel to their services and games for you to play like the US lottery Online. You will never even notice their age because of this.

Their customer service is great since they provide live interactions 24/7 to their customers. They also maintain a lottery blog that covers recent news and events in the lottery world.

With great service, it is no surprise that Play Huge Lotto takes a 5% cut of their player’s winnings. If you think about it, 5% is not much provided that they have a secure system that protects your information along with a number of different games to choose from. On top of that, the aforementioned great customer service is also available. They also accept almost any method of payment from Visa to Giropay, among others.

With almost 2 decades of experience under their belt, you can definitely trust Play Huge Lotto. No company will stay in business for that long if they have bad service.



These 5 best online lottery options today are always in the top 10 choices on almost every list available. These are all feature-rich, secure lottery sites. You won’t ever need to worry about identity theft or scams if you use these 5 sites. They all have a secure line of communication between the player and their servers since they encrypt the information they transmit.

Try your luck on US lottery online by checking out these online lottery sites. There is no harm in trying but always remember that everything must be done in moderation. Go ahead and try your chances because this might be the day that lady luck smiles at you.