Best Online Lotteries

best online lotteries

Introduction to the Best Online Lotteries

If you like playing the lottery but aren’t so keen on standing in queues or trudging to the corner shop in a thunder storm or heavy rain then the invention of the best online lotteries is surely a godsend.

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Instead of scrambling out of your house to buy a physical ticket you can now purchase virtual tickets from the comfort of your own home and still potentially win life-changing money.

Playing the best online lotteries actually improve the entire process immensely as you can buy numerous tickets at a time and even set up on-going subscriptions.

One of the greatest things about the best online lottery sites is that they allow users from around the world to take part in otherwise regional lotteries such as the Powerball or Megamillions.

If all that sounds good to you then you should keep reading and delve into our reviews for a look at some of the best online lotteries.

The Best Online Lotteries

So are there any major differences between the many online lottery sites?

You’d be surprised. There are actually a number of factors that you should consider when picking a best online lottery.

Perhaps #1 is security. You don’t want to be putting your money on an unsafe lottery site. What’s the point in playing the lottery if you’re not going to get paid?

Close behind that is customer support. You’re going to need people to talk with if you’re having any problems getting the proper ticket, checking for winning numbers or setting up a recurring ticket bundle.

After those two very important factors you should start to consider the overall usability of an online lottery site and what kind of prizes they offer. You should also understand how the site pays out their winners. Some sites are much bigger than others.

The best online lotteries also offer bonuses just for signing up so you should also keep that in mind.

Finally you should take note of the various languages that are supported. You probably don’t want to play on a site where you can’t use your native language.


What's the Best Lottery to Play Online?

That’s a personal question but you’re going to have to consider whether you want a big pay out or a smaller one that’s more likely.

There are also some regional restrictions for the best online lottery games to play so you have to make sure you pick one you’re eligible for.

All the biggest lotteries in the world are available online. You can buy tickets into various mega million jackpot draws around the world and take your shot at winning tens of millions.

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Some of the most famous – and richest - lotteries such as the US Powerball, EuroMillions and Megamillions are all available online, as are slightly smaller but still impressive jackpots like the Canadian Lotto 6/49, EuroJackpot and UK Lotto.

Some online lottery sites are also much easier to set up recurring payments if you want to play for a six-month period, for instance.

The odds for the best online lotteries also differ slightly. The popular Mega Millions jackpot in the USA is approximately one in 248 million. The Canadian 6/49 is one in 13.9 million.

Scratch cards, instant wins, bonus games and Monopoly games, etc, have much better odds. Prizes are of course much smaller but your odds of winning are greatly increased.


Is There a Sure Way to Play Online Lottery?

Not necessarily but there are certainly DIFFERENT ways to play. Some sites allow syndicates, which increase your odds of winning by up to 3600%.

When you use a syndicate strategy it simply means that you’re grouping up with 55 other players. Your payout is less (since you’re sharing with other people) but your chances of winning go way up.

Play the best online lotteries with syndicates

Syndicate betting isn’t for everyone, however, and a lot of people would rather just go for the enormous payout.

You can also use something called the systemic method, which involves using one set of numbers in a variety of ways to maximize your chances.

Find out more on various systems for the best online lotteries on our How to Play page.


Does Anyone Win the Lottery Online?

Yes, of course. Every lottery has a winner – eventually – and plenty of those winners buy their tickets online.

Even if the winning number combination isn’t matched one week, most lotteries roll the prize money over to the following week (or weeks) until the winning combination is found.

While the odds are still stacked against you, and the bigger the jackpot gets the more tickets are usually sold, someone does eventually win every lottery.

If you doubt that, you can always take a look at the online results that are posted for each lottery listed on this site.


The Best Way to Win the Lotto

There are plenty of prizes you can win without having to win the ultimate prize. Many of the best online lotteries offer smaller consolation prizes and a few of them even offer up big-ticket items like luxury cars or high-end electronics.

Your odds of winning these items are obviously much higher than pulling off the grand prize.

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As far as the big jackpots go, several theories exist on the best way to win the prizes outright including picking unpopular numbers, tracking frequently occurring numbers in each lottery or increasing the volume of tickets you buy.

But unlike games like online poker and chess, where there is a huge edge between players of skill, the lottery is, well, random.

That’s not a bad thing necessarily because every single player that buys into a lottery essentially has the same chance. It’s the ultimate level playing field.

Of course the more tickets you buy the better your chances are going to be so there are a few things you can do to improve your chances slightly.


What are the Best Lottery Numbers to Pick?

This really comes down to a personal choice. Many people like to go with numbers they find “lucky” from their day-to-day life including birthdays and anniversaries.

In reality you can choose any number you want and they stand an equal chance of winning.