The second most popular lotto in the United States is the Mega Millions. All you have to do is buy that magical golden ticket online in the hopes of winning the massive jackpot. Wouldn't it be wonderful to win the Mega lottery? You could fly out to Maui; buy a majestic mansion with marvellous sea views and magnificent country views.

How to Play

mega million ticket4Mega Millions Lottery is played by selecting your five numbers ranging from 1 to 75 and one "Megaball" number ranging from 1 to 15. Tickets cost $1 every time you play. The aim of the game is to try win the Jackpot, matching all six numbers on your ticket.

After a proclaimed lottery win, the jackpot is reset to start at $15 million. If there is no winner, the top prize increases by $5,000 for the upcoming draw. Predicting 5 numbers or less can win you money from eight prize divisions. The secondary rewards start from a sensational $1 million to predicting the Megaball which wins you $1.

About Mega Millions

The history of the American lotteries starts way back before the British settled in America. In 1606, England, King James 1 gave permission for The Virginia Company of London, a joint-stock firm to establish a colony in North America. The company attracted English investors to finance the first settlements in Jamestown, Virginia. Taxes were not acceptable by the first settlers that fled from the British form of government and so lotteries were a legal form of fund raising. From this concept, US lotteries have become what they are today.

The American lottery game, Mega Millions started in August 1996. It was first known as "The Big Game” with 6 US states participating at the time. Over the years, the mega lotto has flourished across 45 states. You too can take part in the million pool game online, thanks to our partners.

The first Mega draw took place in 2002, when a Chicago winner took home a jaw-dropping windfall of $27 million. A record-breaking jackpot made history with a breath-taking $656 million in March 2012. The top prize was divided between the three winners taking a total of $218.6 million each. With that kind of money, you wouldn’t need to work for the rest of your life….

Mega draws4

As of October 2013, a few changes took place to keep the ongoing lotto trend. By offering better odds, creates bigger Jackpots and add to this the Megaplier feature multiplying the rewards.  



Playing the Mega Million lottery, the odds of winning one of the smaller prizes is 1 in 15. There are 9 ways of winning a prize if you are not lucky in guessing all six numerals. By predicting one to five digits in the lotto could reward you with one of the nine prize divisions.

The Megaplier option in this lottery costs an extra $1, to maximise eight secondary prizes by 2 to 5 times as much. So for example, you guess 5 numbers that wins you a million. Buying the mega bonus you will receive an eye-opening $2 million in prize money. Better yet, you could treat yourself to a vacation at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain in Arizona for $3,500 a night. Feasting your eyes on country views of the mountains and valleys from the outdoor patio…..


When is the lottery drawn?

The Mega Millions lotto draws take place weekly every Tuesday and Friday at 11pm EST. The lottery is broadcast on WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia and other local American channels.

You can also keep updated on the latest Mega draws through our partner sites. To watch the latest lotto draws online, you can check the uploaded Mega Millions lotto on the Youtube channel.


Lottery winner 

In August 2015, a couple from Maryland won $1 million in the Mega Millions lottery. 

The winner bought a lottery ticket from High’s convenience store on his way home. A few days after, a TV report said that there was a winning ticket that was purchased in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Mega million HTTR6

Once he realised he had won, he shared the great news with his wife. Known to have quite a sense of humour, she did not believe him at first until he encouraged her to check the date on the ticket. 

It was the couple’s choice to stay anonymous. The cheque made out to ‘HTTR Forever’ was after the song ‘Hail to the Redskins’, the husband’s favourite football team.

The Maryland couple plan to use their newfound wealth to pay off their debts and save the rest for retirement. 

If soaring jackpots is what you are after, then the Mega Millions is the lottery for you. Mega represents how big the jackpots increase over time. Whilst millions in cash prizes are rewarded for a life-changing lifestyle you have always yearned for.