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Do you love playing the Worldwide Lotteries? Comparelotto offers you the best online lotteries to choose from, where you can win cash prizes that will give you the opportunities of a lifetime. The world is your oyster, waiting to be explored, you just need to know how to open up your oyster.


Best Latin American Worldwide Lotteries


Latin American Worldwide Lotteries

Mega Sena


The most popular Brazilian lottery, Mega Sena has been in operation since 1961. becoming a reputable lotto game that offers the biggest jackpots in South America.

Mega Sena’s minimum lotto jackpot starts from a cool $600K and keeps rolling over until there is a winner. The highest ever top prize reached a whopping $35 million, won by an anonymous lottery player from Salvador back in 1999.

A Mega Sena lottery ticket costs just $3, you enter by choosing six numbers from 60. The Lotto draws are held twice a week with the odds of winning being 1 in 50 million. You can do this by correctly guessing all six digits. So that you do not miss any of the draws, it is recommended that you play the worldwide lotteries a few hours before the closing time. 



Another of the best Latin American Lotteries is Quina, an alternative Brazilian lotto. The unique thing about this South American number game is that it takes place once every day, except Sunday. So you needn’t wait long between one draw and the next.


The Quina lottery in Latin America is famous for its fast and furious rollovers that increase the top prize. In order to participate, you must choose five numbers out of 80. The odds of guessing two numbers correctly 1 in 36 so this is well within your means to play the worldwide lotteries. The highest prize ever recorded was a staggering $44 million that was won in June 2016, shared between eight fortunate winners.


Best Worldwide Lotteries in Europe

Worldwide lotteries in Europe



The biggest worldwide lottery in Europe is the EuroMillions. This online lottery offers massive jackpot prizes that begin from a staggering €10 million. With regular draws taking place twice a week, rollovers have been known to reach an eye watering €190 million.

You can play the online lottery, EuroMillions, by guessing five lotto numbers and two lucky stars with the goal of matching all of them in the draw. The lotto odds of matching at least two numbers are one in 22, whilst the odds of hitting the jackpot is one in 139 million.

The biggest reward in EuroMillions history was a stunning €126 million. This was won by Sara from Spain. The Spanish woman had fallen sick for three days, having no strength to check the EuroMillions results. Sara had no memory of her winning golden ticket until she heard the surprising voice message about her EuroMillions lottery win, leaving her speechless and shocked at the news.

Worldwide lottery winner speechless



The Italian lottery, SuperEnalotto has been in operation since 1997 with draws taking place twice a week. The prize pool starts at a generous €1.3 million with lotto jackpot’s building up to above €100 million. This lotto has built a reputation as the worldwide number game for all punters which makes this lottery available to you to play online.

SuperEnalotto is all about winning the lotto with your best lottery numbers, making you feel super speechless. The happy smile speaks a thousand words and sharing the news makes the whole world smile with you. 

Worldwide lottery SuperEnalotto

In order to participate in the SuperEnalotto you must play the best six lottery numbers from a range of 90. Statistics in this European Lottery have shown that the most picked lottery numbers are 1, 77, 81, 85, 86 and 90 so it would be a good idea to use one of these numbers in your tickets. Although the least drawn numbers are 5, 7, 23, 50, 59 and 60, it is a good idea not to ignore these completely as numbers are drawn randomly and statistics may change.     




One of the best worldwide lotteries in Europe is the EuroJackpot. The Euro Lotto is played across 17 countries and is accessible to you and many other lotto players around the world so that you may freely try your hand at winning millions of euros in cash. This Euro lotto offers a guaranteed €10 million minimum jackpot that can increase to a whopping €90 million.


The latest EuroJackpot winner was Eduard from Germany who won over €916,000. Eduard did not expect to see so many the zeros in his savings and fainted from the unbelievable news. The doctor at the scene said it was nothing serious, just a case of euphoria.

European lottery players pick five numerals from a range of 50 and two digits from a choice of 10 with the aim of trying to predict all seven numbers. The Euro Lotto statistics show that the most frequently drawn numbers are 7, 10, 14, 18 and 19.


Best US Worldwide Lotteries


Worldwide lotteries in North America



The American number game, Powerball is a leading lottery that has been held since 1987. The weekly lotto with the biggest pool, Powerball gathers power in numbers where rollovers reach jaw-droppping jackpots, which create high levels of enthusiasm and anticipation for future draws.


Back in March 2005, around 110 lottery players played five lotto numbers which they found in their fortune cookies. The numbers only turned out to be the winning ones. They all claimed the second tier prize where the total payout was close to a remarkable $19.4 million. How about a fortune cookie for tea time before the Powerball draw?

Fortune cookies - worldwide lotteries

The goal of the game is to guess the sequence of six. If done correctly making you millions richer. In fact, recently jackpots have risen to their highest ever total reaching a staggering $1.6 billion. The lotto statistics have shown that the bonus / red ball most drawn is 20, whilst the most picked numeral is 42, followed closely by 35, 26 and 19.


Mega Millions


This worldwide lotto was originally called The Big Game back in 1996, Mega Millions was played across six American states. In 2002, the lottery officially changed its name to Mega Millions and the total number of playable states doubled to a total of twelve states.

Mega millions worldwide lottery

Why should you play this worldwide lottery, Mega Millions?

  • The lotto draw takes place twice a week, on Tuesday and Saturday so it is widely available.
  • Being the second biggest US Lottery online, many lottery punters try their luck to turn their lives around by winning the Mega Millions by predicting six digits -  five main balls and the mega ball.
  • Here’s a tip for you - make sure you play one of the following lotto numbers in the Mega Millions – the most drawn main number is 2 while the most likely Mega ball to appear is 3.  


The largest recorded jackpot to date in the Mega Millions was a memorable $656 million in 2012. Three great minds thought alike as they scooped winning prizes of a mind-blowing $218.6 million each.


Lotto 6/49


One of three national Canadian lotteries is the Lotto 649 that was launched in June 1982. It was the lotto that changed the way the number game was played in Canada, allowing lottery players to play their favourite lotto numbers.


The Canadian lottery is pretty simple to play – simply predict the six winning numbers out of a choice of 49. Lotto 649 draws take place twice a week, so lottery players have regular opportunities to play the world lottery. The biggest jackpot so far was a staggering $54 million.   

Worldwide lottery Lotto 649 draws

For you, here’s a lotto 649 strategy that will help for all future bets in worldwide lotteries. Just pick one or two of these digits in your sequence. According to online lotto strategies, the most drawn main numbers include 20, 31, 34, 40 and 45. Just make sure to avoid 14 which is the least drawn number.


Best UK Lottery Sites


Worldwide lotteries in UK

UK Lotto


The UK National lotto was established in 1994 by Camelot Group. It was formed to help the government fund charities, sports events, athletes, parks and gardens, historical sites and more.   


Although the UK Lottery has been in operation a long time, the number game is still just as exciting as it ever has been, moving with the trends of online gaming. It offers big jackpots to entice you into playing the online UK Lotto with just a click of a button. All UK lottery tickets that you purchase will be automatically entered into the UK millionaire Maker raffle and whoever holds the special code on his/her lottery ticket will win a guaranteed one million pounds.

Worldwide Lottery draws

The biggest UK lotto game offers top prizes that can reach up to £50 million, whilst punters have a one in ten chance to win a prize. Should you have any difficulty choosing your numbers, three of the most drawn lottery numbers in the UK Lotto include 23, 31 and 38. For all those playing the online lottery in Birmingham, you are living in the luckiest place to be at the moment.




Another worldwide lottery is Thunderball, one of the best online lotteries to enter if you are after lower odds for smaller jackpots. This lotto was formed in 1999 with draws held three times a week giving you the chance to win regular cash rewards.


Playing this lotto is simple, just try to guess; five main lotto numbers from a range of 1-39 and one bonus ball from a range of 1-14. This online lottery offers you odds of 1 in 13 to win any prize. The best lottery numbers for you to pick here are 32, 31, 30, 22, 21 and 3 as these are the most frequently picked in the machine.

Worldwide lottery - Thunderball

This lottery is not to be mixed up with the James Bond movie, Thunderball. No doubt that many of you would like to live like Mr. Bond, without the violence of course. The Aston Martin or the BMW, the state of the art gadgets, the exclusive jewelry – all these could be yours. Or, after winning, why not celebrate in style at the Bond themed duplex apartment in Liverpool, a trip to Monte Carlo maybe on your to-do list as well…